We are a small and agile team located in Toronto, CANADA, with skill and background of business software development and network programming. We have years of experience in correlation systems, pattern recognition, and anomaly detection algorithms and have built several related application for different industries.


We help you to improve your knowledge about your business, not by just giving suggestions or showing paths that almost everybody knows! We get involved in your business, dig into your data, show you things you never knew about them, prepare a proposal, and if you liked it and got convinced the built prototype works, we get the solution ready and implement it in your business.

We can help you guess the pattern or future state of your business parameters or find their anomalies automatically and real-time, if you are busy and have no time to monitor them or the count of your business parameters is too much to get them controlled manually. No matter what size or business you are in, using correlation, pattern recognition, and anomaly detection in your business set you apart from the market competition. Our domains of expertise are:

  • Custom and General Correlation Engine Design and Implementation
  • Pattern recognition and Anomaly Detection Systems
  • Fraud Detection Systems

  • White Papers

    Here are some white papers that give you more idea what projects we can and are working on them:


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